Alcobaça Monastery


Alcobaça Monastery

Alcobaça Monastery, also known as Real Abadia de Santa Maria de Alcobaça (Santa Maria’s Royal Abbey), is one of the most important monuments in both portuguese history and religious architecture.

Artistically Monastery of Alcobaça is a mix of different architectural styles such as Gothic, Manueline, Mannerism and Baroque and all its combination made this building a master piece.

With “doors” open since 1153 by the King D. Afonso Henriques (1143-1185) and soon became the second Pantheon of the national Royal Family.

There you can see, among others, the tombs of King D. Pedro I (1357-1367) and D. Inês de Castro, whose love story is unique. Both tombs are themselves master pieces of funerary art and you should not miss them by any chance.

The Monastery’s artistic, religious and history value is responsible for thousands of pilgrims and visitors who make this one of the most visited religious heritages in Portugal.

It is classified has National Monument since 1910, result of its legacy for Portugal’s history, but its also classified has World Heritage Site by UNESCO which is the certification of its importance and legacy to the humanity.

Together with two other World Heritage Sites (Monastery of Batalha) and (Convent of Christ) it is the main attraction in all SilverCoast. Be sure to visit the three places.

Alcobaça Monastery was also voted one of the Portuguese Seven Wonders, being together with Monastery of Batalha and Óbidos Castle the three portuguese Wonders at Silver Coast.

Monastery of Alcobaça is a mandatory visit for all reasons, if you are ate SilverCoast be sure to stop at Alcobaça and visit this magnificent monument.

Alcobaça Monastery, D. Dinis Cloister´s

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