Ethnographic Museum of Bárrio, Alcobaça


Ethnographic Museum of Bárrio, Alcobaça

The Ethnographic Museum of Bárrio, Alcobaça is at Bárrio a little place near Alcobaça since 1981.

It focus the diversity of activities of the inhabitants of this perish, from agriculture to fish within others.

Focusing those thematics the museum makes a tribute to the local identity and inheritance being for that an important place to learn more about local economic and social evolution.

The museum shows also an exhibition about the Roman Village of Parreitas, a testimony of the Roman civilization presence at Iberian Peninsula.

The discovery of this Romans testimonies started in the late 20th century and today the museum houses a Documentation and Information Centre that helps the visitors to know a bit more about the Roman presence specially at this region.

Ethnographic Museum of Bárrio, Alcobaça

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