Faiança de Alcobaça Museum


Faiança de Alcobaça Museum

You can find Faiança de Alcobaça Museum at the Galeria Conventual since 2013.

With more than 1000 pieces, this museum guides you through the history of the faience art since 1875 until nowadays.

It shows different works from the most famous local faience companies, such as Fábrica de Faiança de José dos Reis, Olaria de Alcobaça, Vestal, Estatuária Artística de Alcobaça, Raul Bernarda, Elias e Paiva, Mário Tanqueiro, Cerâmicas São Bernardo, Pombo Almeida e Ribeiro, Faianças Neves and Arfai/IGM.

The Faiança de Alcobaça Museum works as an important space to interpret and promote the local ceramics which you can complement with a visit to Raul da Bernarda Museum, also in Alcobaça.

Later and if you want to, find out more about the faience and ceramic national industry at Caldas da Rainha, visiting Ceramic MuseumJosé Malhoa Museum or Fábrica Bordallo Pinheiro and Rota Bordaliana or book a tour with us and have an extraordinary experience.

Faiança Museum, Alcobaça



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