Raul da Bernarda Museum, Alcobaça


Raul da Bernarda Museum, Alcobaça

Opened in 2000, Raul da Bernarda Museum, Alcobaça takes you into a journey inside the history of the oldest company working the Faience of Alcobaça, the Raul da Bernarda & Filhos, Lda. factory.

Founded in 1875 by José dos Reis, and it was later in procession of Manuel da Bernarda and was later inherit by his sun Raul da Bernarda.

Raul da Bernarda Museum gives you a tour to the factory history and honour with a fair tribute da Bernarda Family and their work.

If ceramics is a interesting theme for you, this is a Museum you should not miss by any chance and be sure to complement it with a visit to Faiança de Alcobaça Museum.

You should also reserve one day to visit Caldas da Rainha and the local ceramic heritage, the Ceramic Museum, José Malhoa Museum, and Fábrica Bordello Pinheiro, the street Rota Bordaliana (about Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro work legacy at Caldas da Rainha) or book a tour with us !

Raul da Bernarda Museum, Alcobaça

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